Sanan Shimi Taban Co.

Sananshimitaban complex founded in an area over than 14370 square meters and consist of 7 production halls, refinery and engine room that have a total of 8877 square meters of useful construction, office buildings with 329 square meters (Includes the current office building and staff dining hall below, the managers dining hall located under laboratory building, janitorial unit located at the current entrance). Two security buildings with a total area of 46 square meters, the laboratory has a total area of 96 square meters and a three-floor suite equipped with a useful construction of 104 square meters.

The annual nominal products capacity of company is as below:

  • Brake oils / 2000 Mt
  • Gasoline supplement , cleaner and injector washer / 1000 Mt
  • Antifreeze 2200 Mt
  • Windshield cleaner 600 Mt
  • Engine oil / 7500 Mt
  • Hydraulic oil / 4300 Mt
  • gear oil / 3750 Mt
  • kinds of grease / 2000 Mt

Raw materials combine with each other in Blending tanks and became bulk product. These tanks are:

  • brake oil production tanks: including 2 tank with 7.5 Mt capacity
  • Antifreeze production tank with 13 Mt Capacity
  • Gasoline supplement production tank with 7 Mt Capacity
  • injector washer production tank with 7 Mt Capacity
  • Production tank for Melted oil including 2 tank with 20 Mt capacity
  • Engine oil production tanks including 2 tank with 20 Mt capacity
  • Gear oil production tank with 20 Mt capacity
  • Hydraulic oil production tank with 20 Mt capacity
  • agricultural oils production tank with 20 Mt capacity

Raw material storage tank of company capable to keep 535 tons of raw materials at the same time that for each of the products is as bellow:

  • kinds of oils in 6 tanks with 360 Mt total capacity
  • liquid brake and antifreeze in 5 tanks with 100 Mt total capacity
  • windshield cleaner in 1 tank with 25 Mt total capacity
  • Gasoline supplement in 1 tank with 50 Mt total capacity

In addition, there are 3 raw material storage tanks outside the carton production hall with 75 Mt total capacity which will be added to above capacity if necessary. All products of this company in terms of qualitative parameters in all stages are monitored and inspected by the quality control and laboratory unit. Integrated laboratory is equipped according to national standards and in 2010 Honored to receive a certificate from the standard organization. Raw materials before arrival have been tested in the laboratory and will be approved in the event of compliance with all required standards. Also, the preparation and formulation of the product combination is presented by the laboratory and quality control inspectors have full supervision over all stages of packing and storage.