18th Tehran International Paint and Resin Exhibition

TeiphSaipa Co.invites youto visit  the 18th Tehran International Paint and Resin Exhibition in order to introduce its achievements in paint and resin industrial. Read more

TeiphSaipa Company awarded three Golden Tablets in the 3rd National Innovation Festival

"Innovation and evolution is a necessity and if we do not get along with itwill surely fail"The third national festival of Iranian product innovation was held in Sharif University of technology on 17/Jan/2019. TeiphSaipa company known as an innovator complex, using their knowledge and technology to Read more

The IATF auditor course in the Teiph Saipa

Standard quality management system course (IAFT 16949:2016) with the aim of increasing the knowledge of experts and improve the technical units,was held and trained by Mr.Siamak Meghisi in Teiph Saipa company.This standard is necessity required for car marker companies,Teiph Saipa is one of the Read more

The 17th International Exhibition of Paint, Resin, Industrial Coatings, Composite Materials, and Plating Industry

The active presence of TeiphSaipa in the 17th International exhibition ofpaint,resin, and industrial coatings of the Tehran (IPCC) is the most important event in the field of paint and coating in all Middle East. Over the 15thtime of the exhibition, the exhibition has always been the center of Read more

The presence of teiphSaipa Co. at the 11thPaint & Resin International Exhibition

According to more than half century of experience in the paints and resin industry, TeiphSaipaCompany participated in the 11th Paint & Resin International Exhibition in Tabriz in order to provide its new achievements in the fields of industrial painting, construction painting, automobile paints, Read more

Teiph SaipaCo. has become a knowledge base company

Director of the TeiphSaipa paint and resin Co.announced:“financial discipline, the development of non-automotive markets in both industrial and construction sectors and self-sufficiency is the agenda of this company”.At the anniversaryof the TeiphSaipaestablishment, Dr. FariborzZoroufi said: “We Read more

Appointment of new CEO of TeiphSaipa Paint and Resin Industries

By the appointment of the CEO of TeiphSaipa Paint and Resin Industries which is issuedby the CEO of the Saipa Automobile Manufacturing Group, Mr. Jahroudi, dated on12.02.2018, Dr. FariborzZoroufiwas appointed to the CEO of TeiphSaipaPaint and Resin Co.In the introduction and farewell ofprevious and Read more