Teiph SaipaCo. has become a knowledge base company

Director of the TeiphSaipa paint and resin Co.announced:“financial discipline, the development of non-automotive markets in both industrial and construction sectors and self-sufficiency is the agenda of this company”.

At the anniversaryof the TeiphSaipaestablishment, Dr. FariborzZoroufi said: “We have achieved self-sufficiency in the production of 22 automotive and non-automotive products and we will follow the method of pure production by setting up a specialized paint research center and developing laboratories in future”.

He continued: “localizing productsby using the strategy of reducing costs up to 30%, using domestic elite capacities, marketing in non-automotive and construction fields, as well as the production of water-basedwhite paints, areother objective which is on the agenda of the Teiph Company.

The CEO of TeiphSaipa described the slogan of the company as “the way of Teiph, the way of rainbow,” and said: “We have plans to increase productivity in the company and you will hear good news in this area within next months”.

He added: “We needed to become a knowledge-based company which is already happened, but we should be able to maintains a knowledge-based company”.

Dr. Zoroufi emphasized: “We started utilizing the non-automotive product program two weeks ago, and the beginning of this important issue will be atKhorasan Razavi.We want Mashhad market to become a market for Teiph Co. production”.

He added: “Localization of foreign products is our plan.For this purpose, orders have been registered and water-based white paint will be produced at the company in the next month”.

About the company's performance,the director of the TeiphSaipa said:“The selling rate of the company increased up to 18.9% in the first season of 1397andit shows 154 billion IRR”. He added: “The sale rateincreased to 19.8%compared to the last year, and we experienced 56% increase in salein the non-automotive market.

“In May and June, we have 1,058 tons of production and we have 5.3% growth in production compared to last year,” he said. It must be noted that the CEO of the Saipa Automobile Manufacturing Group along with a group of senior vice chairmen and senior managers at the Teiphproduction paintunits were informed about the activities and capabilities of the company”.

In the celebration, the beginning of the 52nd year of the activity of the TeiphCompany was held by the participation of managers, employees, and workers of this company and a number of retired personnel were honored in this celebration.