The 17th International Exhibition of Paint, Resin, Industrial Coatings, Composite Materials, and Plating Industry

The active presence of TeiphSaipa in the 17th International exhibition ofpaint,resin, and industrial coatings of the Tehran (IPCC) is the most important event in the field of paint and coating in all Middle East. Over the 15thtime of the exhibition, the exhibition has always been the center of attention of the most active stakeholders in the field, in order to introduce the latest achievements to present its products and innovations to the Middle East and global markets.

During the 16th period of this exhibition, we realized that the exhibitors involved in the industry and services, have been using well-educated and knowledgeable investors who are always aware of the latest technologies and sciences, due to their inherent needs. The feature gives the academic face to the activists in this section. Hence, performing and serving Saipa to hold the exhibitionisan honor for them.