Alkyd rustproof primer

Introduction and indication:

Alkyd rustproof primer ofTeiphSaipawith high quality is suitable for painting and protecting metal surfaces in moderate climatic conditions in constructional and semi-industrial environments. The good adhesion and durability of this product protects the metal structureperfectly with ochre color. This product can be manufactured and supplied according to the customer's order. This product has the national standard mark of Iran.

Technical Specifications:

Coverage power: 9-11 square meters for every 946.0 liters of paint

The actual consumption depends on the surface preparation conditions, the painting tools, and the final thickness.

Drying time: 45-minutes maximum

Deep drying time: 3-hoursmaximum

Surface preparation:

In order to painting, first clean them of pollution, dust, rust, and flake. This can be done by sanding paper.

How to use:

First, stir the contents of the can and then dilute with the Saipa Thinner code 7390. This paint can be applied by brush, pistol, or rollers. Do not paint in very cold or humid weather conditions. Close the lid of the container tightly after using. After painting, clean the paint tools by oil thinner code 7390.

Safety tips:

Keep out of from children’s reach. In case of ingestion of this substance, do not induce the person to feel nauseous and go to the treatment center as soon as possible. When using in-door, use proper ventilation. Ifit contacted to the eye, wash it by water immediately. Rinse too much. Keep it away from the flame.


Quart: 12 cans per package

Gallon: 4 cans per package

According to the customer's order, other packages can also be supplied.


Maintain it in an indoor environment which is away from sunlight, moisture, heat, and flammable materials.

The best time for using is up to 24 months after production.