Auto refinish and polymer parts coatings

Auto refinish coatings are generally used to repair probable damages on car frames. Also, this type of productions can be usedto paint polymer parts of the carsuch as shield, radiator grille, car complement pieces,etc.

The remarkable properties of TeiphSaipa Auto refinish coatingsare as following:

  1. High glossiness.
  2. High weathering resistance
  3. Maintaining gloss retention
  4. Great resistance to mechanical tensions
  5. Great resistance to solvents and chemical staining
  6. Resisting to chipping test.
  7. Matching capability to automotive production line condition for reducing paint applying defects.

The Auto refinishproducts of TeiphSaipa include:

  1. Polyurethane white base coats.
  2. Air dried mono coatbase coats
  3. Double coat base coats (metallic and non-metallic)
  4. Polyurethanetwo-component clear Coat