Base coat paints

Base coat paints are generally applied to create a shade and as a protective layer on the frame of the car.

In order to meetcustomer's requirements as well as commitment to control the release of pollutants due to protect the environment, TeiphSaipa Company has introduced and produced water-based stoving paints for the first time. These products are also highly useful in terms of quality and applicability and they are acceptable by automotive manufacturers. TeiphSaipa also offers solvent-based paint according to the requirements of the car manufacturers.

The following features are evident in the TeiphSaipabase coat paints:

  1. High gloss and brightness
  2. Excellent atmospheric resistance
  3. Strong resistance against mechanical tension
  4. Resistance to chipping test.
  5. High hiding Power
  6. Preserving glossiness with preventing of fading
  7. Variety in the presentation of several shades
  8. Capable of producing the same shade in applying on automotive polymer parts
  9. Ability to adapt to the requirements of the car production line to reduce the paint defects

The base coats of the TeiphSaipa include:

  1. Water-based stoving paints (double coat metallic and non-metallic)
  2. Solvent-basedstoving paints (mono coat, metallic and non-metallic)
  3. Polyurethane two-component solvent-basedpaints