Clear Coat

Clear Coat is a lacquerbasecoating which is used forincreasing glossiness and environmental paint resistance which is applied on metallic and solidpaints. The TeiphSaipa Company produces the clear coat which can be applied on water-based base coats and solvent-based base coats.

The remarkable properties of TeiphSaipa clear Coatare as following:

  1. High glossiness.
  2. High weathering resistance
  3. Maintaining gloss retention
  4. Great resistance to mechanical tensions
  5. Great resistance to solvents and chemical staining
  6. Resisting to chipping test.
  7. Matching capability to automotive production line condition for reducing paint applying defects.

TeiphSaipa Clear Coatincludes:

  1. Stoving Clear Coat
  2. Two-componentpolyurethane Clear Coat