Electrode position primer (ED)

ED is the painting method in which chemical treatment methods are used. In this system, the electricityconductionenterswater-basedpaint tank and converts them to positive and negative ions. The automotive frame which has the opposite conductivity enters tank and the paint sediments on it .

The immersing method is one of the oldest methods in painting which have been used in industrial coating substrates since about 100 years ago. Because the simple immersion method was not appropriate way in industry, advance immersion methods becamemore common. The electrical immersion method has been used in Automotive manufacturing industries for primerlayers in whole spots of the car frame since1960. Today, the ED method is developed more than other methods and it’s recognized as one of the painting methods(eco-friendly)

The advantages of electric immersion method are film smoothness, good appearance and quality, full coverage for complex substrates, the possibility of massive production in syndetic application, low percentage of waste and volatilecontent loss, and negligible reduction of firerisks within coating. This method is usedto the protectthe pieces having high atmospheric corrosionresistance. The electrical covering through immersion usually is utilized for primer layer but in some cases, it isalso applied for one single-layer coating. The general principles of this method is simple but its operating have usually a lot of difficulties. The electrical immersion painting is divided in two categories:cathodic method and anodic method. The basic of both is making a smooth electrical flow in existing water-based color in immersion tank andthis phenomenon is also called Electro Phorosis. The applicablewater-based paint which is the combination of resin, solvent, pigments, water, and additives,have negative load in anode method (AED) and positive load in cathode method (CED). After applying paint on the surface, a soft and undissolved coating will becreated which gets solidity gardually. In the present time, the CED products of the TeiphSaipa are being produced under the supervision of BASF and NOROO companieswith high quality and in accordance with car manufacturers standards.