Polyurethane coatings

Polyurethane top coat paint

The polyurethane top coat paint is a two-component product. This product is one of the highest quality of two-componentpaintwhichis a critical paint in the industrial paint market. This coating used extensively as an outdoor coating because it resists ultraviolet rays. These paints can be applied as a one layer or it can be used on epoxy primers.

Due to atmospheric and chemical resistance, this product uses to paint metal and non-metal structures such asair-exposed pipelines, offshore and above offshore metal installations, refineries and factories, automotive parts, external surfaces of tanks, and cases in industrial, corrosive, and seaenvironments. This paint can be produced and supplied in various types of shades and glossiness levels.

Excellent optical resistance, adhesion, hardness, and flexibility, resisting chemicals, oils, moisture, and corrosive agents are the important features of this product.  

Polyurethane varnish

Polyurethane Varnish theTeiphSaipa is a two-component product. This product is used as the final layer to increase the strength and gloss of the final film of the coatings. The excellent optical resistance of this coating caused to be used in a wide variety of coatings in outdoorsurfaces.

This varnish can be usedon all types of epoxy, polyurethane, furnace, metallic, and non-metallic coatings. The excellent chemical and atmospheric resistance of this coating caused to be used to cover a variety of decorative applications, automotive, laboratory, and many other industries. High gloss, high adhesion, excellent optical and atmospheric resistance and excellent chemical resistance are the most prominent features of this product.