In automotive industry, primeris usually used for reaching high resistance tocorrosive factors, increasing of adhesion for the next layer, and chipping resistance.

In accordance with the customer’s demand and controlling the pollutantsfor environment protection, TeiphSaipacompany introduce and produce the water-basedstovingprimer for the first time in country.the quality and applying capability of this products are attractive for automotive manufacturer. TeiphSaipacompany produces solvent-basedprimersaccording to the costumer's request as well.

The important features ofTeiphSaipa’sprimerare:

  1. Making soft and smooth appearance
  2. Great resistance to mechanical tensions
  3. Great resistance to corrosion
  4. Great resistance chipping test.
  5. Matching capability to automotive production line conditions to reduce color applying problems

The general primers of theTeiphSaipacompany are:

  1. Water-based stoving primer
  2. Solvent-based stoving primer
  3. Epoxy primer (for painting heavy machines)