The degreasing and phosphate substances PT (Pretreatment)

The phosphate covering is a conversional coatingthat the goal of its making is for two general reasons as below:

  1. Preventing of framework corrosion
  2. Making a layer for better adhesion of ED (Electro Deposition)

In phosphate process, metal substrates like iron, steel, galvanize and aluminum in vicinity of cations, turn intothin and uniform insoluble phosphate layer in facing corrosion or abrasion. The weight and construction of phosphate layer is monitored by controlling time, heat, the type of dilution and the type of cleaning thesurface before covering. This process is the first stage of automobile frame covering. In addition to makinga strong degreasing for CRS and galvanizedsheets,the degreasing and phosphate substances of Teiph Saipa Company make a phosphate layer with excellent properties.

Before phosphate process, the automobile framework should be first degreased because the degreasingproducts of TeiphSaipaare based on alkali ingredients which are usually consumed by handy method (cleaning with napkins), splashing and dipping for cleaning the metal surface from pollution particles like oil and grease. The automobile frame should be rinsed after alkali degreasingand thenphosphate process begins. This process includes three main stages which are: activation, phosphatizationand passivation.